[PLEASE VOTE] so what should we be working on

Pedro Neves nevesdiver at gmail.com
Mon May 30 14:01:23 PDT 2016

On 28-05-2016 22:37, Dirk Hohndel wrote:
> So what should we be working on...? Should we...
> (1) just shut this down and move on?
> (2) move things to maintenance mode, abandon Subsurface-mobile, fix bugs in Subsurface whenever we find time but otherwise declare victory? It won't be too painful to track libdicecomputer and keep making 4.5.x releases for a while, I guess...
> (3) focus on Subsurface-mobile, release the iOS version, update the Android version and see if there is a single person besides me who is willing to invest time into that?
> (4) focus on Subsurface 4.6, fix the dive site management and create a list of prioritized features that we want to get in place?
> (5) focus on Subsurface 5.0, write a completely new UI and abandon what we have in 4.5?

Hi Dirk et. al.

First, sorry for my late answer, but "better late than never", I guess...

Here goes my 2 cents:

- Regarding Subsurface-mobile, I must say I'm not a heavy user. I see 
it's potential, but (call me old fashioned), I always have my laptop 
around and I hate using apps. Nevertheless, from the responses we've got 
so far, there seems to be a fair number or people interested on our 
mobile version so its development must continue...

- As for the desktop version, I'd vote for (4). I'll continue to give my 
(small) contributions on the translation, manual and testing. Still on 
top of my todo list for Subsurface is my template for printing - I'd say 
that's the feature I'm still missing on our program. As soon as  have it 
ready, I'd be happy to place it on a public repository. Maybe that will 
help other users.

In short, I'm another one voting for  (3) and (4).

All the best:


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