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> Reorganise the Preferences-> Graph panel.
> This file is meant as a proof of concept.
> The graph panel has been somewhat unfocused. Firstly the two existing
> headings (Show and Misc) were rather uninformative. I organised the graph
> preferences under three headings: 1) Gas pressure display setup, 2) Ceiling
> display setup and 3) Misc.
> I did not change any variable names or names of members of classes. I only
> reorganised the existing panel.
> If my approach is agreed upon, there are a number of things that would
> need to be finalised.
>    1. TOMAZ, does this affect any of the work you have been doing to the
>    preferences?
>    2. ROBERT, when the graph tab is opened, the Bühlmann radio button is
>    already selected. However, the change in the way the ceiling is calculated
>    only takes effect once the Apply button is selected. On my machine it
>    starts up with VPMB.
>    3. Even when the Apply button is selected, the option(s) (e.g. VPMB
>    conservatism, GFHigh, GFLow) are not greyed out in the appropriate way.
>    This only happens once either the VPMB or the Bühlmann radio button is
>    selected.
>    4. I found it difficult to right-align the text in some fields. At the
>    moment some alignment is done by inserting spaces on the left of the
>    appropriate string properties in the preferences_graph.ui file. This is not
>    optimal at all. There is a Qt::Alignment class member and I tried defining
>    a property in the XML and then setting this alignment property to
>    Qt::AlignRight. This works, but messes up the vertical alignment of the
>    specific text lable. I have not found a better solution than the present
>    one but maybe someone knows of a more elegant solution.
>    5. There are a few small problems with the naming of properties in the
>    XML. This comes from the existing code but can easily be fixed.
> Comments, suggestions will be highly appreciated.
> Kind regards,
> willem
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