Next release [was Re: Frequent cloud storage authentication errors with Subsurface 4.5.6 (desktop)]

Pedro Neves nevesdiver at
Mon Sep 19 10:35:21 PDT 2016

Hi Dirk:

Using the latest master (compiled on my Arch box), I get:

On 19-09-2016 18:20, Dirk Hohndel wrote:
> Here's a specific request for testing:
> Go through the preferences. Check whether "Apply" does the right

It does.

> thing. Check whether "Cancel" does the right thing.

It does.

> Check if the
> settings gets remembered correctly if you exit  and restart the app.

No. If I change the language to Portuguese and press save and restart 
Subsurface, the language remains in English.
If I change the units (from personalize to imperial) I get a warning 
about the need to restart subsurface in order to change the language!. 
After I close the program and restart, the units are still the original.

> Test downloading from divecomputers. Via cable, via Bluetooth.
> Test FB integration.
> Test the dive planner.
> Read the user manual and point our discrepancies.
I'll keep on testing...



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