Next release [was Re: Frequent cloud storage authentication errors with Subsurface 4.5.6 (desktop)]

Dirk Hohndel dirk at
Tue Sep 20 09:09:03 PDT 2016

> On Sep 20, 2016, at 9:00 AM, John Smith <noseygit at> wrote:
> Running 4.5.2-1600 on Windows 10
> The SHARE ON button goes blue in clicking but doesn't open a window.

You mean the menu entry? That's where the FB export is 
supposed to be. Hmm. I'll look into that.

> Every time I try to import a csv file from my ccr using the import log files, subsurface crashes.

Can you send one of those CSV files to the mailing list. 
Miika, our resident import expert will hopefully be able to 
see what's going on.

> Language always shows Bulgarian rather than English.

That could be a disappointment if you don't speak Bulgarian. 
I don't see that here but there's clearly something broken 
with the language switching. I'll look at that as well.

> If you do anything on the language page, it always gives a 'to use new language' message even if you are changing time settings.

I was able to reproduce that but haven't quite figured out 
why. I'm sure it's related to the previous issue.

> What does the greyed out 'take cloud storage online' in the file menu do?

If you have errors connecting Subsurface switches you into 
offline mode. Assuming you fixed your network issues, with 
this entry you can go back online. But of course it's grayed 
out unless you have such an error. You should be able to test 
this by turning off wireless, trying to connect, waiting for it to 
time-out / fail, then turning on wireless and using this option... 
I'd be interested if this still works (I wrote this while on a dive 
boat without internet...)

Thank you so much for the testing and all the feedback. I 
clearly haven't used the Windows build in quite a while.


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