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Dirk Hohndel dirk at
Sun Sep 25 12:47:23 PDT 2016

So we now have a few reports that this isn’t working anymore…
I can reproduce things here but have no clue how to fix it.

First I get this error

QObject::connect: Cannot queue arguments of type 'QBluetoothServiceInfo'
(Make sure 'QBluetoothServiceInfo' is registered using qRegisterMetaType().)

which appears to be caused by this code in qtserialbluetooth:

#elif defined(Q_OS_ANDROID) || (QT_VERSION >= 0x050500 && defined(Q_OS_MAC))
	// Try to connect to the device using the uuid of the Serial Port Profile service
	QBluetoothAddress remoteDeviceAddress(devaddr);
	serial_port->socket->connectToService(remoteDeviceAddress, QBluetoothUuid(QBluetoothUuid::SerialPort));

(I’m running against Qt5.5)
And then I get this error:

Failed to connect to device  00:13:43:0D:2B:30 . Device state  QBluetoothSocket::UnconnectedState . Error:  QBluetoothSocket::ServiceNotFoundError
[1.525499] ERROR: Failed to open the serial port. [in ../../src/shearwater_common.c:47 (shearwater_common_open)]

which happens just a few lines below:

 	if (serial_port->socket->state() != QBluetoothSocket::ConnectedState) {
		// Get the latest error and try to match it with one from libdivecomputer
		QBluetoothSocket::SocketError err = serial_port->socket->error();
		qDebug() << "Failed to connect to device " << devaddr << ". Device state " << serial_port->socket->state() << ". Error: " << err;

So it does seem like the “connectToService” fails.

Any ideas?

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