Uemis SDA to Subsurface

Simon blitz_78_31 at yahoo.de
Sat Apr 1 10:22:09 PDT 2017


  I have a problem with my dive computer, UEMIS SDA, to connect with 
your subsurface software.

-I can´t find a PC Mode on my SDA -> in the UEMIS manual didn´t exist a 
PC Mode -> get the USB cable with the dive computer and the pc, that´s it!
-my subsurface is the newest / 4.6.3
-the dive computer firmware is new
-my windows PC has windows 8
-my SDA is a storage device at the windows file exploder
- at the subsurface menu - File - configure dive computer - device or 
mount point -> is only the COM1 / no USB device


best regards and many thanks for your work


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