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Sun Apr 2 13:28:58 PDT 2017

I'm testing<> using lolipop.

When it first opens, if you open the first dive in the list the profile doesn't get drawn properly.  Swipe to another dive and back again and it's ok. Select a different dive to the top one when it opens and it's drawn properly

Go to cloud credentials and the first couple of percent of the username doesn't show properly. Use the back button and it crashes.

The show password tick doesn't seem to do anything

The GPS fixes page is partially overwritten by the top bar

On 1 Apr 2017, at 18:28, Dirk Hohndel <dirk at<mailto:dirk at>> wrote:

Hi Marco,

I'm now at the airport hotel and have decent wifi agin, so I updated my
Android/Qt to 5.8.0

On Sat, Apr 01, 2017 at 09:58:24AM +0200, Dirk Hohndel wrote:
 Thanks to Marco, we are making great progress.

 On the desktop (Arch Linux using Qt 5.8), Subsurface-mobile seems to work
 well.  I wouldn't call my testing exhaustive, but I couldn't reproduce any
 of the bugs that have plagued us in the past (there are some issues with
 some of the icons missing, but that has been the case for me for a while
 and I never bothered to figure out what causes that as it's not a problem
 on iOS or Android).

 I also created an Android APK that is slowly, slowly making its way to
 downloads/daily. That one shows two oddities:

 a) the profiles aren't drawn (empty boxes)

Still true. Do you see profiles on your Android build? Or did you just
test on a Linux computer, not a device?

 b) I get these odd errors in logcat:

 04-01 09:52:10.255 13155 13171 W Subsurface: qrc:///qml/HintsTextEdit.qml:31 ((null)): qrc:///qml/HintsTextEdit.qml:31: TypeError: Property 'startsWith' of object Linus is not a function
 04-01 09:52:10.256 13155 13171 W Subsurface: qrc:///qml/HintsTextEdit.qml:31 ((null)): qrc:///qml/HintsTextEdit.qml:31: TypeError: Property 'startsWith' of object Ricardo is not a function
 04-01 09:52:10.257 13155 13171 W Subsurface: qrc:///qml/HintsTextEdit.qml:31 ((null)): qrc:///qml/HintsTextEdit.qml:31: TypeError: Property 'startsWith' of object AL80 is not a function

These seem to be gone, so I'm guessing this may be a 5.7.1/5.8 issue.
Since I build the iOS and Android binaries myself, that's easy enough to
deal with.

c) the Cloud Credentials page is back in a state where it doesn't scroll
correctly with the virtual keyboard open, so when I start editing the
email address, the keyboard hides the rest of the page, and I cannot
scroll the page up "behind" the keyboard...

Actually, I tried some more and it looks like the page doesn't scroll any
more at all, period. When I turn the phone sideways with no keyboard
shown, I still can't scroll.

d) once I close the keyboard in order to get to the password field,
tapping on the text input field doesn't open the keyboard

Even restarting the app (after deleting the credentials) doesn't give me
the ability back to open the keyboard. I ended up having to uninstall and
re-install the last public beta version from Google Play in order to be
able to re-enter the credentials.

e) also, tapping on the "Show password" checkbox doesn't do anything.

f) with Kirigami-1, when the user tapped on the menu item in the lower
left corner, the drawer would become visible; with Kirigami-2 it seems
that one has to slightly drag the hamburger icon to the right for it to
open. That's a somewhat unfortunate and very user visible change that I
wish we could undo...

g) random odd things in the logcat:

04-01 19:18:52.117 17025 17042 W Subsurface: qrc:/ScrollablePage.qml:151 ((null)): qrc:/ScrollablePage.qml:151: Error: Cannot assign to non-existent property "parent"
04-01 19:18:55.307 17025 17042 W Subsurface: qrc:/templates/ApplicationHeader.qml:123 ((null)): qrc:/templates/ApplicationHeader.qml:123: TypeError: Cannot read property of null

Those are both in Kirigami - are those bugs there, or are we using
components incorrectly (yes, I understand, they are warnings, but still).

Anyone who wants to play with this, please try

I'd love to see if people can find other things that no longer work or
don't work as expected...

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