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Davide DB dbdavide at
Sun Apr 9 02:25:25 PDT 2017

On 19 February 2015 at 09:56, Davide DB <dbdavide at> wrote:
> I searched again in my xml and I found no AL72.
> I found one occurrence of "unknown" while the dropdown list shows me two.
> Now I removed it manually from the xml and it's ok.
> Digging into xml file I always feel like an archaeologist :)
> Despite of misterious AL72 I found:
> <cylinder size='7.0 l' workpressure='200.0 bar' description='AL7' o2='50.0%'  />
> <cylinder size='7.0 l' workpressure='206.843 bar' description='AL7'
> o2='50.0%' />
> <cylinder size='7.0 l' workpressure='200.0 bar' description='ALU7' o2='50.0%' />
> Previous AL7 at 200bar probably comes from my manual insert before ALU7
> was added. No idea the Al7 at 206.843.
> I understodd that 3000psi > 206.843 but I do not know when happened.
> Time to make some gardening into my xml :)
> Even if you got the point Here it is the missing screencast
> Thank you all

Another great classic :)

I still see this phantom AL7 thank with 10 liter capacity. The item on
the list is AL7 but the chosen value is AL72.
Actually browsing the list there is another AL72 and the chosen
description correspond with the dropdown item list.
I think this is a very old bug.
My two years old screencast is still valid. (Browser complaint about a
invalid certificate but it's safe)

I found this while trying to change my default cylinder. By default I
find a D7 at 300bar but I have a D7 at 200bar so I manually add this to one
of my dives.
Unfortunately I do not find it in the preference list of default cylinder.

Do you populate that list with only hard-coded cylinders?



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