[PATCH] Update user manual . Re: error when saving information on the cloud

Willem Ferguson willemferguson at zoology.up.ac.za
Sun Apr 9 04:04:17 PDT 2017

On 08/04/2017 11:21, Davide DB wrote:
> #2 User manual mentions user/password procedure at chapter 9 but the
> first time I find how to create a cloud account is at chapter  5.4.1.
> "Storing and and using GPS locations using Subsurface-mobile". Then at
> Chapter 8 it explain how to export your dives to Facebook. IMHO order
> of importance is completely wrong: 9. "Keeping a Subsurface dive log
> in the Cloud" and 9.1. "Create a cloud storage account" should be the
> first mention. Even if i don't read the user manual sequentially as a
> novel, I would expect to find as the first search occurrence. Instead
> the first occurence speak about Subsurface mobile that (AFAIK) it's
> not compulsory to use the cloud. I would expect a sequence like:
>   1) configure completely Subsurface desktop
>   2) configure other apps

> davide
[PATCH] Update user manual with more explicit information about
the Internet setup requirements for different Subsurface services.

Signed-off-by: Willem Ferguson <willemferguson at zoology.up.ac.za>

Some context about this patch. I am very open to suggestions and/or
alternative points of view on these topics.

My general approach with the user manual has been to start with the
simple operations first, then move to more advanced topics. This means
one should be able to start using Subsurface more or less with the
default configuration, only altering the Preferences or setup when more
advanced use of the software requires this. For this reason I do not
currently deal with the Preferences (e.g. involving network setup,
multigas options, dive planner, etc) before the user has even read the
part of the manual to create a new dive log. For me, this would be
totally confusing. My approach has been to only refer to the Preferences
when required and only to the extent for performing a specific function
with Subsurface being discussed at a particular place in the user
manual. So, the general flow goes from:

1) Creating a dive log
2) Adding dives to a dive log

(None of the above are critically dependent on any Preference settings)

3) Entering more advanced information for the dive log, e.g. coordinates
and photos.
4) Logging more advanced types of dives e.g. multigas or CCR dives.

(only when dealing with these types of topics do Prefences become relevant)

Attached is a patch that I hope improves the text so the the problems
that Davide encountered are more or less solved. I did this by expanding
some of the text at places in the user manual where the Preferences
options are referenced.

I hope this is acceptable. Any comments welcome.

Kind regards,

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