error when saving information on the cloud

Davide DB dbdavide at
Mon Apr 10 00:56:07 PDT 2017

An update:

After being able to upload my logbook in the cloud using a PC with a plain
internet connection, this morning I tried again to use the Subsurface
installed on a pc behind a firewall.
After starting Subsurface I used File > Open cloud storage and I get this:

git_remote_repo: accessing
git storage: 0 % ( start git interaction )
git storage: create_local_repo
Cloud storage: checking connection to cloud server
Checking cloud connection...
git storage: 0 % ( waited 1 sec for cloud connetion )
Cloud storage: successfully checked connection to cloud server
git storage: 0 % ( successfully checked cloud connection )
git storage: calling git_clone()
set proxy to " .... INFO REMOVED"
git storage: returned from git_clone() with error -1
No GeoNode object leak!
Set the current dive site: 0
No GeoNode object leak!

Hence I guess that for some strange reason GIT is not working behind my

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