[PATCH] Visualisation of individual oxygen sensor data for CCR dives

Jef Driesen jef at libdivecomputer.org
Tue Apr 11 14:44:26 PDT 2017

On 2017-04-09 14:00, Anton Lundin wrote:
> On 09 April, 2017 - Joakim Bygdell wrote:
>> Jef, how is on the backed side, how many sensors does libdivecomputer
>> supports for the Petrel series?
> I sort if figured out now to extract po2 valeues for all sensors from
> Shearwater comptuers, but due to it being reverse-engineered code Jef
> wanted to ask some contacts at Shearwater about it, and as far as I
> know, we haven't yet had any answer from Shearwater.
> Attached is this 1.5 years old patch, which I think its time to apply.

I'll need to look again at the old discussion, but if I remember 
correctly, your patch produced bogus results for some of the data I 
tested against. And that's why I wanted to double check with Shearwater. 
But so far I wasn't able to get any info from Shearwater. So yes, let's 
have another look.

For the Shearwater Petrel CCR divers reading this: Can you supply us 
with some more data to test against? The Petrel protocol doesn't support 
memory dumps, so you'll need to dump the individual dives. You can do 
that with libdivecomputer' dctool:


Execute with these options:

./dctool -v -l petrel.log -f petrel download -o dive.%n.bin -f raw 

Send back the petrel.log and all the dive.*.bin files.


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