Subsurface-mobile crashes

Dirk Hohndel dirk at
Fri Apr 14 11:01:44 PDT 2017

> On Apr 14, 2017, at 10:58 AM, Jan Mulder <jlmulder at> wrote:
> tried the 5.7.1 (232) => can't crash it, but (to make it more confusing),  the 5.8 (231) I can't crash it either. Both running on android 7.1.1.

On some of my devices I cannot make 231 crash. Those tend to be the newer ones (Android 7 flavors).
But on two different devices running 4.4.2 (Samsung Galaxy S3) and 5.1.1 (Nexus 10), I can make 231 crash by playing around with the Global Drawer

> The 2x2 is:19.8 x 19.8mm (ie just under 20mm). pixel geom: 360x568.


> As a side note. My desktop version (normal Subsurface, not mobile for desktop), crashes consistently on the exit of the program (segfaults during destruction of the UI). I already tried to valgrind it, as is seems some memory corruption, but to no success. This all said. I do not see any reason that this is related to the mobile crash issue.

I don't think so, either. Unfortunately Qt and OpenSSL create so much noise that it's nearly impossible to use valgrind :-(


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