Subsurface-mobile crashes

Willem Ferguson willemferguson at
Fri Apr 14 11:40:08 PDT 2017

Subsurface-mobile downloaded as beta from the Play Store.

I did quite a bit of playing around on a Samsung S6 with Android 6.01. 
Mostly, I was quite impressed with the stability of the software. No 

See attached screendump.
1) When deleting a dive from the dive list, the drawer does not align 
with the items on the dive list. See screendump.
2) The dive locations are lost in the majority of cases. This is a 
pretty old log I am working with, though, > 2 years old. See screendump.
3) When adding dives by hand (both mechanisms: the "+" button as well as 
the menu option "Add dive manually", the items are individually editable 
and get saved appropriately with the dive information. Dive coordinates 
are parsed pretty well, actually impressive. However, when I add four 
dives manually, the previously-added dives are not shown on the list. 
For instance, if the newest dive on the list is dive 130 and one adds 4 
manually-entered dives, then all the dives up to dive 230 are shown as 
well as dive 234. Dives 231-133 are not shown on the list. If another 
dive is added manually, dive 234 is not shown but dive 235 is shown.
4) On the dive profile, the cylinder change icon on the profile is so 
small that one cannot recognise it unless one knows this is a gas change 

The font in this version of Subsurface-mobile is very light indeed. I 
would have preferred a font hat is slightly heavier/robust/thicker and 
perhaps a bit larger. See screendump. There is really a very wide space 
between lines of text in the dive list and in the dive information 
screen, almost equivalent to double spacing. I think more effective use 
cold be made of the screen space.

Dirk, I am so aware that you are working virtually alone on the 
software, doing the transition to Kirigami 2. Please be aware that it is 
extremely highly appreciated.

Kind regards,

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