Subsurface-mobile, next round

Willem Ferguson willemferguson at
Sat Apr 15 03:49:18 PDT 2017

Subsurface-mobile 4.6.3-243 on Samsung S6 with Android 6.01

I tested as much as I could.

1) Views of dives details by tapping the dive list -ok. All the previous 
issues about selecting the appropriate dive are resolved. For the first 
time in maybe more than a year there is a stable and predictable 
behaviour for the dive list on my phone.

2) From dive list; Add a manual dive entry using the + icon. Works 
perfectly as far as I can see. I am impressed by the dropdown lists in 
several fields.

3) Within dive details view. Edit a dive, using the pencil icon. Works 
perfectly as far as I can see.

4) 2) Dive details view: *Problem??* The cylinder change icons are 
really small. See attached screendump. In my opinion the cylinder change 
icon on the desktop is too large, but this mobile icon is beyond minute.

5) Deleting a dive from the dive details view. *Problem*: I think this 
does not work, although it may be finger trouble. If I tap the dustbun, 
a Delete button comes up for about 2 sec. But if I tap or hold the 
delete button, nothing happens.

6) Main menu: About, User manual, Developer-> Themes and Developer-> App 
log. All ok as far as I can see.

7) Manage dives: Add dive manually. Works perfectly as far as I can see.

8) Manage dives: Manual sync with cloud. Works well. (Enable auto sync 
not tested)

9) GPS-> Preferences, Clear GPS cache, Download GPS data work perfectly 
as far as I can see.

10) Show GPS fixes: *Small Problem*. The layout is a bit wonky, with the 
window moved to the right and upwards. See attached screendump.

11) The slide-out buttons on the GPS list work ok, with the delete 
action (dustbin) functioning as well as the Map Location (Google Maps) 
working as expected.

12) GPS->Upload GPS data: *Problem*. The wifi arrows (both up-arrow and 
down-arrow) in the top Android status bar are active for a long time. 
Nothing else happens on-screen. No significant traffic on the ADSL 
modem: modem mostly inactive. If I select the Android Back button I can 
get back to the dive list. If I want to stop the program, nothing 
happens, I suspect because the upload process is still running. 
Eventually Subsurface-mobile exits, on three or four occasions with a 
crash. On one occasion I just left the upload running. After 10 minutes, 
still no response on screen but wifi traffic arrows active continuously. 
I get a message on the App log (see attached screen dump): this may be 
relevant?  This could potentially be a very slow uplink on my side, but 
uploads from my laptop work flawlessly during this time.

Kind regards,

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