Subsurface-mobile, next round

Davide DB dbdavide at
Sat Apr 15 07:05:14 PDT 2017

On 15 April 2017 at 10:07, Jan Mulder <jlmulder at> wrote:
> The logcat of the crash does not reveal very much. It seems like a running
> out of memory, and it takes approx. 15 seconds for the app to crash.

Same here on Android 6.0.1 but it does not crash but it freeze for
about 15" and then it displays a new dive form.
Here a screencast:

The app is not fluid and I'm realizing that the italian translation
(mostly made by me) sucks. Several strings are too long.

Fonts size and type seems completely out of standard.

More test in the next hours


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