preparing for a 4.6.4

Anton Lundin glance at
Wed Apr 19 06:08:42 PDT 2017

On 18 April, 2017 - Dirk Hohndel wrote:

> I know, we've spent all this time on Subsurface-mobile and the bugs there
> still aren't fully understood (let alone fixed). But I can't forget about
> our main app again - and we really need to get an update out to our users
> with the fixed libdivecomputer.
> I have two options. I can do a quick new build that uses the new
> libdivecomputer and the Subsurface that we used for 4.6.3. Or I can use
> the current master and stabilize this.
> The advantage of the first option is that we had really really complete
> translations for that. The advantage of the second option is that we'd get
> the other new things out to our users, including all the fixes to the
> planner, the manual entry of depth and duration, etc.
> I'm kinda leaning towards the second option but that means we need to
> spend a week or two, focused on testing the latest master and finishing
> the translations, again. If people have strong feelings one way or
> another, please speak up.
> I'll do new "daily" builds next and also make sure that all the source
> strings are pushed to Transifex, just in case.

Why not do both?

Roll a (or something) Now, with just libdivecomputer patches,
and when we got something stable, roll a 4.6.4?


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