Subsurface-mobile buggy when deleting dives

Dirk Hohndel dirk at
Sat Apr 22 10:30:44 PDT 2017

> On Apr 21, 2017, at 9:30 PM, Miika Turkia <miika.turkia at> wrote:
> I got a few extra dives added to Subsurface-mobile when testing the
> now fixed incorrect time issue. When trying to delete the additional
> dives, I only managed to delete the first one, clicking the delete
> button for the others was impossible. Bug 1.

I fixed two bugs with this lately, but apparently there are more lurking.
Have you looked at the code at all? Can you reproduce this by using
Subsurface-mobile on the desktop (that makes debugging so much
easier)? It may be hard to write correct QML (at least it is for me), but
figuring out what it does when you click on a button is usually fairly
easy - and the heavy lifting of deleting the dive is done in C++, anyway.

> After a couple of attempts I now have lost all the real dives on my
> Android device, only one manually added test is still in my log. Bug
> 2.

Umm, yeah, that's not good.

I'd look at the commits and see what happened there - but likely they
will just show that suddenly all the dives got deleted.

What's more interesting is add debug output to the C++ (and JS) code
to see how we got there.

I'm happy to give you more pointers how to approach this. As I've said
many many times... we really need more people comfortable helping
with the Subsurface-mobile code...


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