Dirk Hohndel dirk at hohndel.org
Sat Apr 22 11:22:06 PDT 2017

So based on the (rather limited :-> ) feedback I decided to do a 4.6.4 based
on master. I just pushed the latest strings and asked translators to please look
at their languages.

I'm not aware of any outstanding bugs that are on the "likely to be fixed, soon"
list. Yes, the Equipment UIs still aren't great and yes, the divesite handling still
is nowhere near I wish it was. But I also see no one working on that, so waiting
for it seems foolish.

I'll cut new development builds today (I need to stop calling them "daily" builds)
and would appreciate if people would spend some time on testing them.

If I'm missing something obvious or easy, please let me know :-)


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