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Thanks guys for your help.I've checked settings, contacts, I've rebooted but it still doesn't work...Well, as I said, it's not such big deal...Thanks again,Raphaël _______________________ 
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> On Apr 23, 2017, at 1:22 PM, Anton Lundin <glance at> wrote:
> On 22 April, 2017 - Raph wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I am Raphaël from France, and I have some problem to recover the dive log from
>> my computer.
>> The computer is a Nemo Wide from Mares.
>> When I try to download my dive log, a box open indicating "Unable to open the
>> computer due to lack of permission" (in French: "privilèges insuffisant pour
>> ouvrir le périphérique COM15 Mares").
>> I thouroughly read your instructions and FAQ regarding how to download dive log
>> (including Appendix A & B) but was unable to solve the problem.
>> It's not so much a big deal since I download my log with Dive organizer from
>> Mares and then I export the dives and import them in Subsurface, but, well...
>> why doing complicated when it can be done simply?!
>> So, sorry to bother you with this guys but... could you help me please?
>> So far, I only have 10 dives in my computer.
>> Thanks for your answer,
>> Raphaël
>> PS: sorry but I can't find the file subsurface.bin, even when I clicck on the
>> option "show the hidden files"...!
> When reading the log file, It says that the dive computer doesn't answer
> to the commands sent to it.
> It's hard to say why, especially when it works with Dive organizer.
> I'd suggest you double check the contacts and settings.

Also, I vaguely remember that there's a way to open COM ports exclusively
on Windows and that sometimes the vendor dive software leaves the port in
a "locked" state. So it may be worth a) making sure that no vendor software
is still running and b) maybe even reboot.


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