last call for 4.6.4

Stefan Fuchs sfuchs at
Wed Apr 26 10:56:31 PDT 2017

Hallo Dirk,

Am 26.04.2017 um 17:55 schrieb Dirk Hohndel:
> I'd love to do the release in a few hours (I'm in Barcelona, so it's
> already 6pm here).
> I have all the latest translations as of two minutes ago, Tomaz just fixed
> the bug with the equipment column widths not being stored. Is there
> anything else that is worth waiting for, or should I just get 4.6.4 out?
>From my side everything looks very good at the moment. No more ugly
crashes on Windows.

What is in fact still open is the issue I have with my build and the
marble logging output. But your official builds seem to be not affected
by this issue and I currently solved it for my own builds by constantly
enabling the marble logging output.
I at some time will continue the investigations but it's absolutely no
blocking point for 4.6.4.

Best regards


Stefan Fuchs
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