4.6.4 announced

Dirk Hohndel dirk at hohndel.org
Wed Apr 26 20:27:59 PDT 2017

Hi Everyone.

You know the drill by now. Please like and most importantly SHARE the
announcements that I posted on Facebook and Google +



The social networks are all about being echo chambers. So even people who
follow the Subsurface page don't get to see my posts unless there is
enough engagement with the posts. It is silly to always feel like I should
beg to have my posts liked... I just crave the attention, I guess

I also posted the announcement to ScubaBoard, please post (and link)
anywhere else you usually hang out to talk about diving.

And while I'm asking for help... we so far only have Dutch and Spanish
translations of the announcement on our own website... if you are fluent
in one of the other languages, please send me a pull request for

Ok, with this out of the way, the traditional thank you to everyone
involved. The translators have been amazing. I am simply impressed how
quickly the translations were coming together after my announcement that I
was about to release 4.6.4. THANK YOU.

The shortlog also makes me very happy:

$ git shortlog -s -n v4.6.3..v4.6.4
    86  Dirk Hohndel
    69  Jan Mulder
    32  Martin Měřinský
    31  Stefan Fuchs
    24  Miika Turkia
    15  Salvador Cuñat
    10  Jeremie Guichard
    10  Robert Helling
     6  Marco Martin
     5  Lubomir I. Ivanov
     4  Tomaz Canabrava
     2  Jef Driesen
     1  Joakim Bygdell
     1  Rick Walsh
     1  Shachar Snapiri

Not only because of all the names of long time contributors... Tomaz was
back with a few patches, as were Lubomir, Robert, Jef, and Rick. Miika and
Salvador are always there and have been key contributors since "forever".
Marco saved our bacon on the QML side. Again.

But what really makes me happy are all the names who show up as new (or
relatively new in the "top 10") contributors. Jan, Martin, Stefan, Jeremie.
Thank you. I mean it.

BTW, Linus doesn't show up which is kinda unfair, he helped keeping
libdivecomputer updated and is now working on the BLE stuff. Still, this
is the first time that we had a new release with more than a handful of
commits and none from Linus...

Anyway - as we all know, these statistics are showing a very imperfect
view of the true contributions. This time we had not patches not only from
Linus but also from Willem and Anton, who still contributed a ton on the
mailing list. And many other key people (like Davide and many others - I'm
know there are many, many of you) don't show up in the stats, yet they are
key to making Subsurface better.

Subsurface wouldn't exist without all of us working together. I know I
sometimes get grumpy and frustrated. Chemical imbalance. But what keeps me
doing this is the fact that there are so many enthusiastic people working

Thanks. Everyone. Thanks.


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