auth error

Dirk Hohndel dirk at
Wed Aug 2 17:13:11 PDT 2017

Sending bug reports to me doesn't scale. We have more than ten thousand
users. Instead of working on Subsurface, I am spending more and more of my 
time responding to individuals who decide to send me email directly.

> On Aug 2, 2017, at 3:23 PM, Yury Akudovich <yorik503 at> wrote:
> I've just started to use subsurface (great tool, btw! thank you!). But
> I can't setup cloud sync, especially from desktop version. I've tried
> to change my password several times, but it didn't help. Looks like my
> phone can sync, and I can see the same dives from web UI
> (
> Could you please help? Thank you!
> My email: yorik503 at
> I've rebuild subsurface from branch v4.6.4.
> Error:
> Error connecting to Subsurface cloud storage
> Unable to open git repository
> '[]'
> Log:
> Set the current dive site: 0
> cloud URL set as
> "[]"
> File locations:
> Local git storage: /home/yorik/.subsurface/cloudstorage/66bc60ba012a24a9
> cloud URL set as
> "[]"
> Cloud URL:[]
> Image hashes: /home/yorik/.subsurface/hashes
> Local picture directory: /home/yorik/.subsurface/picturedata/
> cloud URL set as
> "[]"
> Saving cloud storage to:
> "[]"
> git_remote_repo: accessing
> git storage: 0 % ( start git interaction )
> git storage: create_local_repo
> Cloud storage: checking connection to cloud server
> Checking cloud connection...
> Cloud storage: successfully checked connection to cloud server
> git storage: 0 % ( successfully checked cloud connection )
> git storage: calling git_clone()
> delete proxy setting
> git storage: returned from git_clone() with error -1

You built this from sources. The mobile app (presumably the one I built) works.
Which means it's not an issue of your account or of your password, it's an issue
with the binary that you built.

If I had to guess, your build is missing https support.

Which OS are you on (you don't mention that). Please use an official binary and
try that.

If you are looking for help debugging the problem with your "home built" binaries,
hopefully others on the developer mailing list (copied) can help.


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