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Fri Dec 1 07:50:35 PST 2017

On Fri, Dec 1, 2017 at 11:18 PM, Dirk Hohndel <dirk at> wrote:

> So much fun to wake up to such good news.
> Thank you, Murillo!
> I glanced through the diff and (like Miika) am not quite sure why you
> changed things to QString (if this is needed, could this be a separate
> commit?)

Change to QStrings is not really necessary, just made it quicker for me to
test what I really wanted to test.

> And of course the question is "why isn't the call to
> connectionListMode.addAddress()" not needed?

It is needed, still there for newDC. This just removed from the list things
we "know" (maybe not for a fact) are not DC. I haven't understood yet all
the code involved, so I might be missing something.

Just to make BLE work this change is not really needed, sure.

> And likewise "why aren't we calling saveBtDeviceInfo(...) on the other
> platforms".
I only found references to getBtDeviceInfo on a code specific for Mac and
iOS (qt-ble.cpp:300). Not sure how this works on Mac since it is never

It's not clear why for each device discovered, instead of just storing the
DeviceInfo we instead use this info to create multiple other structures
(like serviceUuids, btDCs) and later try to reconstruct whatever is needed.

> I'd love to see a pull request - this makes it easy to get it tested on
> all of our platforms.

> I don't think you've submitted code to Subsurface before - it's fairly
> straight forward, contains the basics and of course feel
> free to ask if you need help :-)
I'm working on a proper patch and will create a PR, with signed-off patches
and all.


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