O2 sensor values on CCR dives

Bill Perry bperrybap at opensource.billsworld.billandterrie.com
Sat Dec 2 10:45:08 PST 2017


Have you or Jeff ever directly approached Shearwater to get a working relationship with them to avoid having to do all this reverse engineering?

About 10 years ago when I was reverse engineering the Aeris dive computers, I tried to build a relationship with Pelagic and even tried to get Aeris & Oceanic to help pressure them.
While I had good relationships with some very high level people at Aeris and Oceanic and they wanted Pelagic to work with me, Pelagic never would respond with the needed information.

That said, Shearwater seems like a totally different company.
>From the few email conversations I've had so far with Shearwater, they have seemed to be willing to listen & talk, but I have only been discussing  Perdix AI GUI user interface issues
and have not yet pushed on them for any internal technical details.

Surely, the subsurface project is big enough to get their attention.
And if the number of contacts could be limited/restricted to just a couple of people on this end, Shearwater could work with the project get their products fully supported.

--- bill

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