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Dirk Hohndel dirk at
Thu Dec 7 16:35:43 PST 2017

Funny coincidence... I was just about done with writing the release announcement post for Subsurface 4.7.5 when I got the notification that the review of Subsurface-mobile-2.0.1 for iOS was completed.
So today we actually managed to release a new version for ALL of our platforms since I also pushed an update to Subsurface-mobile 2.0.1 for Android this morning.


Here are the short stats. As always, my count is exaggerated by translations and some of the maintenance work I do, so ignore that. The real thrill for me as the next two contributors on this list have both been working on Subsurface for less than a year.

$ git shortlog -s -n v4.7.4..v4.7.5
    80  Dirk Hohndel
    49  Berthold Stoeger
    42  Stefan Fuchs
    34  Lubomir I. Ivanov
    18  Robert C. Helling
    17  Miika Turkia
    15  Jan Mulder
    12  Anton Lundin
     6  Martin Měřinský
     6  Murillo Bernardes
     3  Linus Torvalds
     1  Rick Walsh
     1  Guillaume GARDET
     1  Willem Ferguson

Thank you, everyone, for the hard work that got us here. Berthold, Stefan, Lubomir, Jan, Robert, Miika, Anton, Martin, Murillo, Linus, Rick, Guillaume, Willem... all the translators, testers, everyone.
Extra thanks to Linus for the work on keeping libdivecomputer in sync with its upstream. And to Lubomir, Robert, Miika, Jan, Joakim and Anton for all your help as co-maintainers of the project on GitHub.

Thank you all.


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