Problems with planner

Willem Ferguson willemferguson at
Fri Dec 29 11:45:14 PST 2017

On 29/12/2017 18:28, Jan Mulder wrote:
> On 29-12-17 10:24, Willem Ferguson wrote:

> I can confirm the issue on the current master, so no recent 
> regression. The workaround is simple: just click on one of the 
> remaining points and the problem solves itself. Or delete the 3 points 
> from the table, instead of from the graph.
> Given the workaround, I did a quick search to fix this, but no 
> success. So I propose to open a GitHub issue for this.
> --jan
Thank you, Jan. I discovered the workaround by accident. The main point 
is that the right-click (context menu) delete on dive planner points is 
broken and needs some TLC. I will submit a Github bug report.

Kind regards,


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