Inconsistencies: Showing planner details in dive list

Willem Ferguson willemferguson at
Wed Feb 1 05:31:51 PST 2017

On 01/02/2017 14:58, Robert Helling wrote:
> Hi,
> turns out this is not specific to the planner, it is a „feature“ of 
> how we merge dives:
> Looking at the code in dive.c (and the xml file), the information 
> about the cylinders is per dive rather than per dive computer and for 
> each computer it only states at which point in time we switch to which 
> cylinder. Specifically, in the code it says:
> /*Pickwhicheverhasanyinfo(ifeither).Prefer'a'*/
> staticvoidmerge_cylinder_type(cylinder_type_t*src,cylinder_type_t*dst)
> I guess, that is the natural thing to do if it is really the same dive 
> recorded by two dive computers (there is the _actual_ set of cylinders 
> after all). I see that in your case where you compare the actual dive 
> to a theoretical one, this makes little sense.
I hope it does indeed make sense ??
The sense in this is to store the dive plan of a dive with the actual 
downloaded dive profile. This allows evaluation of the depths, gas 
management and the nitrogen compartment loads of the real dive as 
compared to the dive plan that was created beforehand.

More importantly, it is a feature currently described in the user 
manual. We either need to remove that feature from the user manual or 
get it to work??

I suspect the problem is that the dive structure currently only provides 
for a single set of cylinder definitions and cylinder pressures. There 
is simply no place to store a second set of such data. The question is 
whether there is a reasonably do-able approach to display both the dive 
and its dive plan, or whether we should just abandon this idea and 
remove all references to such a facility.

Kind regards,

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