Deco calculation for repetitive dive - strange effect

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Sun Feb 5 13:53:42 PST 2017

On 6 February 2017 at 08:29, Stefan Fuchs <sfuchs at> wrote:

> Hello Robert, hi All,
> I again see one strange effect in deco calculation of repetitive dives. I
> thought it may be linked to the surface time issue Robert fixed a few days
> ago but this is still there after the patch.
> Please check the attached file and try to do the following:
> - For dive 1002 do Log -> Edit dive in planner
> - Delete all planner points after 2nd with Ctrl-leftclick
> - With my settings (screenshot below) you will have a runtime of 51min,
> surface time is correct: 47:30h
> - Now change the date/time when the dive is planned to 1h later
> (3.01.2017, 14:00h)
> - No the dive is not considered to be a repetitive dive any more because
> surface time is >48h -> ok
> - But now runtime is 58min, deco is much longer ??!
> - BTW: This does not happen with some other scenarios I tested with deco
> dives with air/TX,... Maybe it has to do with dive 1001 setup which
> is a little bit more special using the Tx50/15 for ascent until 15m and
> having the real bottom gas specified as second gas?!
> Would be great if you could look into this as well! Thanks!
> I'm away from my own computer and won't have time to look into this
properly, at least until next week, but I can confirm the problem (with
Windows daily, 4.6.0-53-ga959e437a99e).  I noticed that the total runtime
remains constant at 51min for any surface interval <48hr.  Even with dive
time set to 1 Jan, 13:40, which is surface interval of 10min, the runtime
is 51min.

Dive 1001 doesn't look particularly unusual to me.

> One other note: Would it be possible to also add a collision detection
> when planning a dive at the very same time of another existing dive in the
> planner? This today gives no warning but planner results are incorrect.
> Best regards
> Stefan
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