Tusa Zen IQ900 download

Jef Driesen jef at libdivecomputer.org
Wed Feb 8 01:45:58 PST 2017

On 2017-02-08 08:56, Willem Ferguson wrote:
> I have a Tusa IQ900 dive computer which, as far as I am aware, is
> actually a repackaged Oceanic Atom 2. Attached are the log and bin
> files. After downloading dives to Subsurface, there is an error
> message referring to unrealistic gas mixtures for dive(s).

If I check your most recent dive, the parser reports 3 gasmix: air, air 
and nitrox 4%. I assume the problem is that last one? This is probably a 
bug in the parser.

(The Oceanic data format is a real pain in the ass. Every single model 
uses a slightly different format. So it's no surprise that these kinds 
of parser bugs show up very frequently. There is not much I can do about 
that, other than fix them one by one when they are reported.)

To fix this, I need to know which are the correct values. The easiest is 
to download the dives with the official Tusa software, export the dives 
and send me those files.

> In the terminal, the following messages are issued:
> ERROR: usb_open() failed
> [0.023772] ERROR: Failed to open the serial port. [in
> ../../src/oceanic_atom2.c:594 (oceanic_atom2_device_open2)]

I assume this error is from a previous attempt? Because this would be a 
fatal error.

> [0.109192] ERROR: Unexpected answer start byte(s). [in
> ../../src/oceanic_atom2.c:482 (oceanic_atom2_packet)]
> [0.517326] ERROR: Unexpected answer start byte(s). [in
> ../../src/oceanic_atom2.c:482 (oceanic_atom2_packet)]
> However, the dives download ok, even though the errors are indicated.

This are harmless errors. We try to send packets as fast as possible 
(e.g. without any delays). If that fails, we automatically slow down 
until the packet is transmitted successfully.


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