Subsurface deco calculations

Robert Helling helling at
Wed Feb 8 22:11:49 PST 2017


> On 09 Feb 2017, at 00:09, Linus Torvalds <torvalds at> wrote:
> I've pushed out my branch and made a github pull request for people. I
> still encourage people to take a look, but it seems to handle both
> Miika's and Willem's cases just fine, and it passes my "looks sane"
> test.

one thing I forgot to mention yesterday was that with this more liberal cylinder merging which is likely to make the user end up with more cylinders that in the end represent the same cylinder (just with different information about it) is likely to screw up the statistics logic: There we consider gas use from any of the cylinders and if one dive computer has a cylinder with EAN36 say and the other computer says (knows) it only has EAN35 we count the gas use twice. Maybe, for the statistics we should only count the gas that was used by the first computer (i.e. that has gas change events in the first computer and lacking this has cylinder id 0).

What do you think?

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