Downloading FTDI dive log using desktop Subsurface on Android

Anton Lundin glance at
Thu Feb 9 11:45:58 PST 2017

On 09 February, 2017 - Willem Ferguson wrote:

> I got a OTG cable today, and *in principle* I downloaded the dives
> from the Tusa Zen dive computer to deskstop-Subsurface running on
> Android. The OTG cable is a simple single-cable with a micro-USB
> plug and a female full-sized USB plug.
> Hardware:
> I managed to plug the FTDI cable of the DC straight into the OTG
> cable. Android immediately recognised the FTDI device and asked to
> open Subsurface. I also used a normal (non-OTG) USB hub. Connected
> the hub to the OTG cable and the DC FTDI cable to the hub. It worked
> exactly as in the previous case.
> Software.
> Upon hitting the Download button on the Download panel, all the
> dives on the DC downloaded to Subsurface, showing in the download
> table and with the checkboxes for all dives activated. However, due
> to screen restrictions on the cell phone, I could not scroll to the
> Ok button to accept all the dives into the dive log. I had a
> Bluetooth mouse paired with the phone to navigate the small screen
> but this did not allow me to scroll the screen. >However, this
> appears pretty positive.

Yep. All as expected.

I tested to hit OK to, after hacking the download dialog to have the OK
button in the upper-left corer so I could reach it on the phone.

What vendor/model and what Android version?


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