4.6.1 has been released

Dirk Hohndel dirk at hohndel.org
Sun Feb 12 15:10:44 PST 2017

As promised for this weekend, here we are. 4.6.1 is out. I posted the
announcement to our website, I'll follow up with Facebook and Google Plus.

I'm currently thinking of doing a translation focused 4.6.2 next weekend,
hopefully with more complete Italian support. Other languages that are in
need of help include Polish, Romanian, Czech, Danish, Estonian, Slovak,
Turkish, and Greek.

Thanks everyone for the work on this release. The planner certainly has
gotten quite a few commits - maybe the biggest bunch of changes since 4.6.
Thanks to Robert and Stefan

A big thanks to Anton for the Travis integration - slowly moving
Subsurface into the current age as far as tooling goes :-)

This release is small enough to show the stats (as always, my number is
inflated because of random small changes and pulling the translations)

    50  Dirk Hohndel
    18  Robert Helling
    16  Anton Lundin
     9  Joakim Bygdell
     6  Stefan Fuchs
     5  Linus Torvalds
     4  Miika Turkia
     3  Cristian Ionescu-Idbohrn
     3  Salvador Cuñat
     2  Guillaume GARDET
     1  Lubomir I. Ivanov
     1  Sergey Starosek
     1  Shachar Snapiri
     1  Willem Ferguson

A special shout out to Stefan who in the first release that he contributed
to already made it past Linus :-)


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