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> I am making myself singularly unpopular by asking the following questions.
> This is because I did not see the original discussion on the topic of the
> Android development path for Subsurface. My comments come from an hour or
> two I played around with the full Subsurface-desktop on an Android phone
> while in the waiting room of a hospital, tending to sick family this
> weekend. Previously, I had downloaded a dive log onto the phone as per
> previous correspondence. For me, it felt like the full desktop
> implementation on Android was almost usable. The dive trips are organised,
> can be expanded. If one is prepared to use the MainMenu->View path, one can
> fairly smoothly switch between info panel, profile and dive list, the
> statistics are calculated, importantly the dive ceiling is calculated. In
> short, there is quite bit of functionality in there, even taking into
> account the ridiculously small screen of the phone.
> Then I thought of running this on a tablet, but as far as I can make out
> the screen resolution on tablets is much less (e.g. 800*1200, though I see
> some of the state-of-the-art tablets have 1600*2500) than on phones
> (1440*2560 on my phone). So having a 10" tablet is not really gaining a lot
> except a larger display size, but not necessarily more information being
> displayed.
> Question 1. Am I therefore correct that available mobile screen
> resolutions are too low to run the full Subsurface effectively, even with a
> 10" tablet?
> The full Subsurface on Android has several features that have not been
> incorporated into Subsurface-mobile, e.g. the calculation within each dive,
> e.g. the dive profile, setting GF's etc, full details on equipment. These
> options are currently not even foreseen in the immediate future. If one
> eliminates the View->All possibility which is just too much detail for a
> small screen, the interface becomes semi-workable.
> Question 2. What were the reasons at the outset that determined that at
> totally new UI be developed, rather than trying to adapt the existing UI to
> a small screen? Effective use of the UI would require mobile elements such
> e.g. dragging of screens as in Subsurface-Mobile. I am convinced that there
> were impeccable reasons for the decisionmaking, but because I am naïve
> about those I remain curious.

Really hard as the current UI is done in Qt Widgets, and that's not really
compatible feature wise on Mobile. We are using the Profile (wich is a
Desktop Component) because it would be too hard to program for mobile.

We probably should do a Call for Arms again.

I found some time to program but My focus is more on the desktop app

> I suspect my questions also come from a belief that ultimately (i.e. in
> the very long term) we should move towards a full implementation of
> Subsurface in the mobile environment.
> Kind regards,
> willem\
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