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On Tue, Feb 14, 2017 at 7:00 PM, Dirk Hohndel <dirk at> wrote:

> Hi Everyone,
> I'm very happy how well the change to the content management for the
> website has worked out. Quite a few people have
> contributed content and translations.
> Similar to the program localization, the website localization and
> translation has to stay an ongoing project. The website cannot and will
> not stay static - and so I'd like to ask some of you who are fluent in our
> key languages to spend just a few minutes "every once in a while" on
> making sure that the translations stay current and correct.
> On purely mechanical issues, I have tried to make this reasonably
> automated. So version numbers, download links, etc, are centraly updated.
> And I from time to time go through and try to update distribution versions
> on the download pages in all languages, even the ones that I cannot even
> read :-)
> As I mentioned just a couple of days ago, besides English, German, French,
> Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Polish, and Russian are our top languages. We
> don't have the website translated to Dutch - the other languages we all
> have, but in very different stages of maintenance. Spanish is in fantastic
> shape, sometimes even ahead of English (thank you Salva for catching the
> link on the home page). Based on just page structure and using the Chrome
> page translation feature, it seems clear that some of the other languages
> aren't quite as close to the English version.
> So if you are fluent in one of these languages and have a few minutes...
> Go to github and fork
> divelog/subsurface-website
> You can then edit this right in the browser (and sorry, it's non-trivial
> to make it possible to preview this in the website context), or you can
> clone your own repo to your local computer and edit with your editor of
> choice. And then create a pull request for me.
> If you would love to help translate but this is something that feels too
> technical, too complicated to you, then talk to us about other ways we can
> make this easier. I can literally send you the current version in an
> email, you can edit it, send it back and I take care of the rest.
> Whatever works.
> And before you ask - I have tried to figure out if we can use Transifex to
> manage this translation project as well, but I find that system really
> awkward when it comes to translating text as is found on a website. But
> I'm happy to hear other ideas.

Gonna finish the translation for portuguese this weekend.

> Thanks
> /D
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