Website translations

Dirk Hohndel dirk at
Fri Feb 17 09:17:54 PST 2017

The good news:

we're making great progress with translations. Dutch is coming along
nicely (thank you, Jan), Russian got updated (thanks Sergey), Spanish (our
most complete translation by far, thanks to Salva) was made more "country
neutral" (thanks Pablo),

The learning curve for me to get this right was fun - there are some
"interesting" interactions between the plugin that we use for translation
and the plugin that we use for the github sync. We lost a number of
translated pages because of that, but of course, thanks to git, nothing is
ever lost - I just needed to notice what was going on and restore them
from earlier in the git history. In order for a page to stay around as
translation it has to a) get a new ID (so I need to initiate the
translation in WordPress) and b) must not be marked as copy of the English
page (which is an internal flag in the translation plugin that isn't
exposed to github). I think I have a workflow now that makes sure I no
longer mess this up.

The bad news:

In another of these "interesting" interactions, the categories of the
posts (what we consider our blog, basically the announcements) get reset
for some odd reason that I still don't understand - and because of this in
all non-English languages, the equivalent of the "News" section keeps
disappearing. I have tried for a couple of hours yesterday to figure out
why and how and how I can fix that, but so far no luck. So if you
translated announcements, direct links to them still work, but they are
otherwise not shown on the web site.

I'll keep looking into this.

I know that Davide will work on the various Italian translation when he's
back home. Do we have other Italian speakers here on the list? What about
Polish speakers? French? German (I learned to dive in the US, mein
Tauch-Deutsch ist schrecklich).

This really is easy and it helps our community a lot. Please chip in.


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