Dirk Hohndel dirk at
Sat Feb 18 16:45:12 PST 2017

Hi there,

I finally put together a Credits page for Subsurface, that tries to link
to the other open source components and their licenses. This doesn't
exactly follow the letter of the rules when it comes to full compliance
with the various licenses, but it's an improvement.

Please take a look at and let
me know which components I am missing (or misrepresenting).
(feel free to send pull requests for subsurface-website :-) )

I also added a truly trivial way to make these accessible from Subsurface
itself (another button in the About window), at the cost of one single one
word string that was added (and that I have NO IDEA how to translate into
German; what the heck are "Credits" in German? certainly not
"Kreditgutschriften" :-) ). I have pushed that new string to Transifex,
but I'll consider it harmless if this isn't translated in the next 12
hours (I am planning 4.6.2 for tomorrow).

Additionally - given that Davide promised to work on all the missing
Italian pieces (really, we have only ONE SINGLE ITALIAN SPEAKER HERE???),
I will make a 4.6.3 in a couple of weeks so we have a fully translated
Italian version of Subsurface again.



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