Open / Save to cloud on Windows 10

Dirk Hohndel dirk at
Sun Feb 19 08:24:05 PST 2017

On Sun, Feb 19, 2017 at 05:32:15PM +0700, Jérémie Guichard wrote:
> Computer is Suunto Zoop. With Suunto DM5 I have to sync multiple times
> before all logs are synced...

Yeah, DM5 is a very special piece of s... err... software.

> I'll take a look into translations, I normally use English interfaces, just
> switched to french to see the status, seems pretty complete though some
> translations could be improved. I guess I'm a bit late for the 4.6.2...
> Website seems to be a bit more behind...

Yes, 4.6.2 will hopefully go out today.

It's funny, I can't stand translated UIs, either, but our data tell us
that more than half our users indeed use translated UIs...

> Indeed I used official 4.6.1 installer.
> No specific ACLs on the directory. But my user name do contains the french
> "é". So I created a new user with only ASCII chars, cloud storage features
> Open/Save are working fine. You have found the issue, yepee!!!

Excellent. So we have a workaround.

> How should I proceed? ticket, fix, etc. I must admit I'm not there yet with
> setting up dev env, I only got to build from source yesterday in the ubuntu
> virtual machine... (btw I had a short attempt to do so using linux
> subsystem for windows but did not succeed...)

Building under Windows is incredibly painful. Lubomir was the only person
who every got it to work reliably, and I think even he ran into problems
lately. There is a file packaging/windows/ that should
allow you to cross build a Windows installer under Linux. Read the file
for some of the setup you need to do to make this work. Even on a fast
system, the first run through takes quite a while - but it gets better
once all the libraries are built.

I would love to see another developer with Windows background (and an
interest in Windows as their main platform) start contributing. As it
happens, almost all of the developers run Linux or Macs as their platform
of choice, and Lubomir, our main Windows developer (without whom there
really wouldn't be a functional Windows version) is actually not a diver
and only does this for the love of programming...


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