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On 20/02/17 14:20, Stefan Fuchs wrote:
> Hello Tim,
> Am 20.02.2017 um 14:52 schrieb Tim Wootton:
>> The Subsurface CodingStyle file provides this guidance for these
>> situations:
>>   Only the first word of multi-word text strings should be captalized
>> unless
>>   a word would normally be capitalized mid-sentance, like Africa.
>> This applies
>>   to all UI text including menus, menu items, tool-tips, button text
>> and label
>>   text etc. e.g. "Check for updates" rather than "Check for Updates".
>>   Abbreviations should end with a period, e.g. "temp." not "temp" for
>>   temperature.
>> There doesn't seem to be a view on the full-stop (period) at the and
>> of a sentence, perhaps we should add one, as the key here IMHO is
>> consistency.
> I 100% agree with this and also your second mail.
> There should be also a rule how to continue after a colon ":". IMHO in
> most cases with a capital letter.
> E.g.:
> Wrong: Warning: this is more gas than available in the specified cylinder!
> Correct: Warning: This is more gas than available in the specified
> cylinder!
Ahh, the grammarians don't all agree on this one, but the consensus
seems to be: You should always capitalise if what follows is more than
one sentence or a direct quote; other than that it's up to you if you do
or don't (but they all advise, once chosen, apply consistently)

> What makes the story a little bit difficult is that a single string in
> the source code notnecessarily ends up as one string in the UI. So one
> needs to be a careful and always check the final result in the UI.
> Best regards
> Stefan
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> Stefan Fuchs
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