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Hallo Robert,

Am 21.02.2017 um 11:44 schrieb Robert Helling:
>>> And as I said: I think it’s cleaner to add an event to the dive
>>> rather than plot directly to the profile. Simply use
>>> structevent*add_event(structdivecomputer*dc,unsignedinttime,inttype,intflags,intvalue,constchar*name)
>> Yes, clear. For a test I created a dummy event @25min in this way:
>> add_event(&dive->dc, 60*25, SAMPLE_EVENT_AIRTIME, 0, 0, "Minimum gas
>> exceeded");
>> When looking for add_event I stumbled across <>.:
>> I know that one has to be careful where and when it is ok to
>> translate the name of an event. But my guess is that for this event
>> (line 195, diveprofileitem.cpp) we would be allowed to translate it:
>> add_event(&displayed_dive.dc, entry->sec, SAMPLE_EVENT_CEILING, -1,
>> max / 1000, "planned waypoint above ceiling");
>> What do you think? Ok to change this to:
>> add_event(&displayed_dive.dc, entry->sec, SAMPLE_EVENT_CEILING, -1,
>> max / 1000, translate("gettextFromC", "Planned waypoint above ceiling"));
>> And then there is another one in planner.c where I'm not sure:
>> add_event(dc, lasttime, SAMPLE_EVENT_PO2, 0, po2, "SP change");
> Hmm. I guess, there is no easy answer. There are uses of the name
> string like in dive.c:
> structevent*get_next_event(structevent*event,constchar*name)
> where we search for events by name (“gaschange” being a prominent
> example). This would break if we started translating event names. We
> would have at least then to search for translated strings (and that I
> would consider quite ugly). 
> [Here is a break where I started actually looking into the source
> about event names]
> From what I see, I would say, translating event names is wrong. At
> least for the internal storage. They should only be translated when
> displayed to the user. For that I see for example:
> voidDiveEventItem::setupToolTipString()
> {
> //wedisplaytheeventonscreen-sotranslate
> QStringname=gettextFromC::instance()->tr(internalEvent->name);
> in diveeventiteM.cpp
> Maybe my understanding of how the translation works is wrong but I
> thought, we can only translate strings that are already known at
> compile time (but the actual translation happens at runtime). Please
> somebody correct me if I am wrong!
> So, I guess, we actually need to teach all possible event names to the
> translation splanned waypointystem. I have no idea how too do that.
> Maybe you could look into this? And then make sure, the names only get
> translated when displaying them to the user (i.e. always
> holds untranslated strings).
I think I have it:

QT_TRANSLATE_NOOP is the answer. E.g:

add_event(dc, lasttime, SAMPLE_EVENT_PO2, 0, po2,
QT_TRANSLATE_NOOP("gettextFromC", "SP change"));

I will do a pull request for Dirk for this...

Best regards


Stefan Fuchs
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