translations again

Dirk Hohndel dirk at
Tue Feb 21 13:28:26 PST 2017

Hi everyone...

As I have pointed out a few times, I am planning to do another release in
a week or so in order to get more complete translations to Greek and
Italian, and in order to include the Catalan translation that I forgot to
include in 4.6.2... but now I'm in an odd spot. There have been a few
commits to master that improve our strings and to deal with a few strings
that were missing. And I expect a couple more along those lines.

The question becomes: should I leave Transifex source strings unchanged,
create a 4.6 branch, cherry pick the hand full of bug fixes in master that
came in since 4.6.2 (three commits from Linus, a couple from Robert, one
from Jan) and create a 4.6.3 based on that? Or should I push the updated /
improved strings that we have in master to Transifex (which means ALL the
languages will have to do more work in order to get back to 100%) and
stick with releasing master.  Realistically I think that would mean
pushing 4.6.3 out to happen in March in order to give people enough time
to work on that.

Thoughts? Preferences?


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