German CCR divers wanted for question about how to translate "(CCR) setpoint"

Stefan Fuchs sfuchs at
Tue Feb 21 14:13:17 PST 2017

Hi All,

stumbled across the fact that there are some different translations for
the (CCR) "setpoint" used in Subsurface and this doesn't look nice to me.

IMHO strange translations include:

Setpoint    Einstellwert

Setpoint fallback    Ersatzeinstellwert

Sample setpoint    Einstellwert des Datenpunkts

Add set-point change    Einstellwertwechsel hinzufügen

New set-point (0 for OC)    Neuer Einstellwert (0 für offenes System)

How do German CCR divers call this correctly? My guess is that most of
you are using the English term "Setpoint", maybe in German with upper
case "S"? Or is there a widely used German term?

More general question: Can we assume that every occurrence of the term
"setpoint" in Subsurface refers to the CCR setpoint or is setpoint also
used for different?

Best regards


Stefan Fuchs
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