Subsurface minimum gas calculation - First version for review

Stefan Fuchs sfuchs at
Wed Feb 22 01:08:54 PST 2017

Hello Pablo,

Am 22.02.2017 um 02:00 schrieb Pablo Wolter:
> I can help testing this as I'm familiar with the Minimum deco or Rock
> bottom gas management. 
> If you send me a link to your branch I can look at it and try to break
> it. 
> Pablo
Thanks for the support! Here are the links:

Link to initial idea and discussion:

Link to feature branch on Github:

A few words about it:
When Dirk is saying the feature is very complex that may be somehow
misleading. Yes, he is right, the feature is complex because it includes
more than 3 lines of code and this makes it already complex for me
personally <g>. Also it adds new planner parameters and the need to save
and load them.
But the concept and calculation itself is rather basic and the overall
output/result is only one single line of text printed to the planner output.
Due to the basic implementation it also has some limitations. The
calculation is useful mainly for rectangular, single level dive
profiles. If you try complex multi level scenarios the calculation still
will give you only one result but this may not cover the worst case

I also attach two test dives I usually use for testing.

Best regards


Stefan Fuchs
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