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Robert Helling helling at
Wed Feb 22 11:02:36 PST 2017


> On 22 Feb 2017, at 19:31, Robert Helling <helling at> wrote:
> OK, I checked, it’s really the Cmd-L for the planner that is not working, others like Cmd-Q and Cmd-C do work in the de_DE translation. And the menu entry misses the ampersand. I hope that it’s enough to fix that in transiflex.

turns out that hope was premature. The &’s in the translations are for the Alt-magic that Dirk described. The others are in mainwindow.ui and there they apparently need the notr=„yes“ attribute to survive translation. This makes the shortcut symbols appear for me on Mac in de_DE. PR on Github.


PS: Dirk, it seems you did not push github to master.
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