no 4.6.3 today

Dirk Hohndel dirk at
Sun Feb 26 15:20:40 PST 2017

The translation teams for Greek and Italian are both actively working on
the remaining strings - it seemed arbitrary to just cut them off, so I
decided not to release 4.6.3 today.

I will try to find time to cut the release next week - but I'll continue
to monitor progress on the translations as well.

We have 13 languages at 100% (11 translations plus en_US and en_UK).

Czech is missing two strings ("SP change" and "planned waypoint above

Swiss German four (those two plus "Credits" and "(cyl %1)").

Hebrew is missing the seven new strings we added since 4.6.2.

Norwegian is missing 19 strings.

Italian 66

Polish 217

Romanian 301

Greek 392

Estonian 433

Danish 464

Of these languages, it seems clear to me that Italian and Greek are on
their way to 100%. I can see that Czech was also being worked on over the
weekend. Not sure about the others on this list (Transifex makes it
somewhat hard for me to see who is working on what).


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