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> On Jan 1, 2017, at 8:14 PM, Fede Masias <fedemasias at> wrote:
> I would not mind filing an issue, but the repo doesn't seem to be accepting them? <> redirects to <>. Similarly, the tabs at the top read [Code] [Pull Requests] [Projects]... instead of [Code] [Issues] [Pull Requests]... like other repos do (see attached screenshots in case I didn't explain myself properly). 

Thanks for pointing that out. I had fixed this in the "original" repo I put there, but when I transferred Linus' repo, the settings came with it. Fixed.

> And while we're on the github topic, is there any interest in a github wiki documentation, or is that not particularly useful as most users would just look at the website as opposed to github? I'm not nearly as strong of a coder as I'd like, so I'd rather contribute in other ways as needed.

I think we have a really strong user manual - but that can always be better. So contributions to that are extremely welcome.
And the FAQ on the website needs an overhaul - I fixed a couple entries recently, but there are quite a few more questions that should be added there.

So I think my preference would be to improve the documentation that we have. And any help that you can add would be awesome.

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