Qt and subsurface for Android

Anton Lundin glance at acc.umu.se
Mon Jan 2 09:01:09 PST 2017

On 02 January, 2017 - Willem Ferguson wrote:

> I am trying to build subsurface for execution on Android in order to
> test the FTDI support. However I get the following error:
> ~/src$ printenv | grep "SUBSURFACE_DESKTOP"
> ~/src$ bash subsurface/packaging/android/build.sh
> ~/src/subsurface ~/src
> ~/src
> Cannot find Qt 5.7, 5.6 or 5.5 under /home/willem/src/subsurface/../Qt
> This should not be a surprise, because I work with a new install of
> Ubuntu and I have not explicitly installed Qt yet. However, the
> Linux desktop version of Subsurface builds perfectly on this
> machine, so some Qt must exist. Is this correct? How can I find the
> version of the installed Qt?
> Upon closer inspection, it looks like /scripts/build.sh expects
> either Qt 5.5 or 5.6, as opposed to the Android build.sh that
> expects 5.5, 5.6 or 5.7.
> Where would the optimal place be to install it into? If I install
> Qt, I would expect to install 5.7.  What does
> "/home/willem/src/subsurface/../Qt" mean? Qt within the subsurface
> folder? Cannot be.
> How can I point the build.sh to an appropriate location?

Read the code, QT5_ANDROID is your friend.


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