Fwd: Re: Qt and subsurface for Android

Willem Ferguson willemferguson at zoology.up.ac.za
Mon Jan 2 21:37:10 PST 2017

On 02/01/2017 14:10, Dirk Hohndel wrote:
> You need to have a version of Qt that contains the Android bits installed. Something like this
> http://download.qt.io/official_releases/qt/5.7/5.7.1/qt-opensource-linux-x64-android-5.7.1.run
> Install this wherever you want - and then have a link named ~/src/Qt that points to it.
> So let's assume that you are installing the package above in ~/Qt5.7.1 (which I think
> is the default location), then simply do
> cd ~/src
> ln -s ~/Qt5.7.1 Qt
> Now you should be able to run
> bash subsurface/packaging/android/build.sh
> /D

Thank you very much, this really helped. It appears all the locations
have been found.

Now, I get the message below:

-- system name Android
-- Found Qt for Android: /home/willem/src/Qt/5.7/android_armv7
-- Found Android SDK: /home/willem/src/subsurface/../android-sdk-linux
-- Found Android NDK: /home/willem/src/subsurface/../android-ndk-r13b
-- Found ANT: /usr/bin/ant
-- Configuring done
CMake Error in CMakeLists.txt:
   No known features for CXX compiler


   version 4.9.

I do not find a log file in the src/subsurface-mobile-build-arm
directory. I assume it arises at:

export CXX=${BUILDROOT}/ndk-$ARCH/bin/${BUILDCHAIN}-g++

and I have no idea however how to respond. Any advice is highly appreciated.

Kind regards,


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