Request for information for user manual

Willem Ferguson willemferguson at
Tue Jan 3 22:01:32 PST 2017

I am doing  few changes to the user manual to be ready for the release 
of V4.6. A few issues:

1) In the dive log import dialog, the SmartTrak and AV1 formats are not 
listed. How would one import these two formats?

2) I see DAN DL7 is listed in the dive log import dialog. Please give me 
a bit of contextual information about this. Why and how did the need for 
this arise? This will help me to write a short explanation in the user 

3) Can anyone please send me a dive profile with  info, warning and 
alert events so that I can use it in the manual? My DC only creates info 

4) I assume the -user= command-line option only applies to *nix 
environments (and Mac?) and not to Win?

Kind regards,


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