Request for information for user manual: SmartTrac

Pedro Neves nevesdiver at
Thu Jan 5 05:30:29 PST 2017

Hi Willem:

On 05-01-2017 13:10, Willem Ferguson wrote:
> Pedro, that would be really great because I have not used that 
> facility at all. The user manual has a section dealing with imports 
> from protrietary divelogs, e.g. Mares, Suunto. I would suspect we 
> would put the Scubapro information there as well.
> The conversion software, is it Win-only? From the discussion at the 
> time it looks like it actually runs on Linux as well.

No. I've used on my Arch linux machine. It's part of Subsurface's code. 
You can enable compilation and build by enabling it on CMakeLists.txt

option(SMARTTRAK_IMPORT "enable building SmartTrak divelogs import tool 
(requires glib2 and libmdb)" OFF)

> Who is the maintainer of the code?

I believe it's Salvador

> You can write telegram-style, I will rework it and send it to you for 
> approval.

I'll try to build it again tonight, and I'll get back to you.



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