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Salvador Cuñat salvador.cunat at
Thu Jan 5 11:16:20 PST 2017

Good night.

Sorry for being so late to the thread.

2017-01-05 14:30 GMT+01:00 Pedro Neves <nevesdiver at>:

> Hi Willem:
> On 05-01-2017 13:10, Willem Ferguson wrote:
>> Pedro, that would be really great because I have not used that facility
>> at all. The user manual has a section dealing with imports from protrietary
>> divelogs, e.g. Mares, Suunto. I would suspect we would put the Scubapro
>> information there as well.
> Ok.

Willem, I think I can write a full explanation of the tool tonight. I will
mail it to you to format it and send a patch.

>> The conversion software, is it Win-only? From the discussion at the time
>> it looks like it actually runs on Linux as well.
> No. I've used on my Arch linux machine. It's part of Subsurface's code.
> You can enable compilation and build by enabling it on CMakeLists.txt
> option(SMARTTRAK_IMPORT "enable building SmartTrak divelogs import tool
> (requires glib2 and libmdb)" OFF)
The tool is only tested on linux and as Pedro pointed out, it needs
libglib2 and libmdb installed to build, this was the reason it didn't make
as an import option of subsurface.  I thought I had mailed the list
yesterday in another thread where you asked about smartrak import, but it
seems the post never went off my laptop.

The tool can't build ATM as it lacks two patches.  I have just put a P.R.
on githut which  should fix the issue.


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